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CRM. Customer Relationship Management. Stop and think about this for a moment. There are three words, not two. Sometimes  relationship gets lost in the rush toward a well-greased sales funnel. Yes, you want to convert a stranger into a customer but first you have to do a little  schmoozing. CRM is really nothing new. Your neighborhood mom and pop grocery, favorite restaurateur, and hair stylist are masters of CRM. It’s why you patronize their small business instead of a big impersonal chain. Likewise, a carefully chosen CRM system can help your small business win over prospects and keep in touch with them once they become satisfied customers.

Keeping Track of Customers

Did you ever wonder how the hair stylist managed to remember where you went on your latest vacation or the owner of your favorite Mexican restaurant remembers how you raved about the fish tacos last time you ate there? Either they’re just good listeners or they have a system.

As a salesperson, you need to be a good listener as well. BigContacts  Customer Relationship Management software has a contact management feature that can help you organize and keep track of what you hear. It allows you to capture and store all your meetings, notes, photos, and emails sent to and received from your customers and prospects, as well as keep a record of calls, tasks, files, and  sales opportunities pertaining to each.

Socializing with Your Contacts

One way a restaurateur or chef can make followers out of diners is by stopping at each table for a chat and “how’s everything?” BigContacts’ Social Listening feature lets you drop by your customers’ and prospects’ social media accounts for check-ins or updates, making it possible for you to monitor and engage in their social media accounts in real-time as they are happening. For example, the Social Media Ticker feature gives you real-time streaming feeds for all your LinkedIn connections and everyone you follow on Twitter.

This type of engagement empowers you and your team and changes the way you do business. Like good old-fashioned Mom & Pop schmoozing, social media contact packs a double whammy, helping you strengthen the relationship you already have with your “regulars”, while increasing the likelihood you will convert more prospects into customers.


Whether it’s that vegetable market that’s been on the corner forever, or a start-up company in search of their first customers, marketing is most well-received if it has a personal touch. BigContacts’ optional marketing module seamlessly integrates contact management with your email marketing efforts. You can customize your campaigns by setting them to automatically adjust  based on whether your contacts click on certain links emailed to them, reply, or enter a new phase of the sales funnel.

When it comes to updating, a drag and drop email designer does away with the need for a code editor so you can add content and design with the click of a mouse. You can also create links your contacts may wish to include on their social media, the modern-day equivalent of word-of-mouth. And while you’re at it, you can create custom forms and embed them in your landing page with a mere copy and paste. Once created, you can also embed them in your Facebook page, or link them to your social media accounts.

Task Management

Since sales and marketing are all about timing, if you fail to follow-up on an opportunity at just the right time, you can be assured that a competitor will. BigContacts does its part to make sure none of your opportunities fall through the cracks. You can manage tasks from your calendar and, for extra measure, set it on automatic pilot so it can remind you, or assign tasks to designated members of your sales team so they can follow-up at just the right moment.

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