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If you use QuickBooks Online, you can now synchronize & view key information about your QuickBooks Customers – right inside your BigContacts account!

This new integration offers instant synchronization of important customer information between your BigContacts CRM and QuickBooks Online accounts.  In addition, you can view & access all  transactions that you create in your QuickBooks Online account in a special folder in each BigContacts contact record.  Finally, to save you time – you can access your QuickBooks customer records and transactions with a single click directly from the contact record in your BigContacts account.

Customer Synchronization

You can keep the information that you track about Customers in your QuickBooks Online account synchronized with your BigContacts account. This will ensure that you only have to enter data once and know that it is always up-to-date in BOTH programs.

  • Adding/ Updating info in QuickBooks Online  – Information that you enter/update in your QuickBooks Online Customer records will update and display right inside their Contact record in BigContacts.** The updates made in your QuickBooks Online account will take approximately 2 minutes before they are visible in your BigContacts account.
  • Adding/ Updating info in BigContacts – Information that you enter/update in your BigContacts Contact records will update and display right inside their Contact record in BigContacts.** The updates made in your BigContacts account are almost instantly visible in your QuickBooks Online account.

Transaction Synchronization

Every transaction that you create in QuickBooks Online for your Customers will appear in a special folder labeled “QuickBooks Transactions” in that Contacts’ dashboard in BigContacts – giving you a detailed history of all Invoices, Payments, Estimates, Sales Receipts, Statements and more!  If you look above at the image of the BigContacts Contact dashboard you will see Items #3 & 4.  This screenshot shows where you view and how you can directly access all your QuickBooks Online transactions.

A View of the BigContacts “Contact Dashboard” 

This screenshot shows all the QuickBooks Online information that you have access to.

  • Item #1 below shows a “QB” icon.  Clicking this icon will open a new tab and take you directly to this customer in your QuickBooks Online account.
  • Item #2 below shows a special section of data to provide a summary of payment terms, payment method, delivery method and more.
  • Item #3 below is the special folder that will display all transactions that have been created for this customer.
  • Item #4 below shows an icon you can click on to open a new tab & take you directly to QuickBooks Online to view the details of that transaction.

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