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It’s all about the rhetoric. Sometimes, a simple well-placed phrase can help sway a potential customer from hesitation to the sale. As we have described in this space, the right tools are crucial to help you close more sales. At the same time, you have to make sure that you use the right words to sway your audience toward the sale.

To that effect, HubSpot has shared some of the most effective phrases available. Here are some of our favorites from that article, helping you improve your communication with leads to improve your customer yield rate.

1) When Should We Send the Contract?

This phrase works so well because it assumes agreement. Once you plant the thought of ‘next steps’ after the sale in your leads’ mind, your chances of them actually saying yes increase greatly.

2) How Can I Help You Make the Decision?

This offer greatly increases goodwill on behalf of potential customers, which will increase their subconscious desire to return the favor. It also helps overcome perceived hurdles to the sale.

3) How Can I Help You Overcome (Objection)?

If potential customers are not ready for the sale, chances are they have a good reason for it. This question seeks to not just address that objection, but actually overcome it. Perhaps a customer with budget concerns can be convinced to try out your product through a discounted trial.

4) If We Close Today, You Can Get X

Some leads can sway on the precipice of saying yes for a long time. To convince these hesitant potential customers, offer extra incentives for saying yes right now. These incentives, of course, range widely depending on the product you offer.

5) If You Sign Today, You Can Be Ready By (Date)

Chances are that you are engaging with a potential customer specifically because your product solves a problem. If you allow them to look forward toward a time where that solution is in place, you can convince them that signing sooner tangibly improves their business or personal situation.

6) Can I Get Your Commitment Today?

Sometimes, simple is best. Especially if you have already communicated with the lead for a while, this direct ask will get you a direct answer. Ultimately, you don’t want to continue managing leads who will not close, so this question can weed out actually serious potential customers.

7) Why Don’t You Give us a Try?

This question gets buyers away from a mindset of commitment, and toward opportunity. It downplays the risks of signing a contract, and elevates positive feelings toward your product which will ultimately increase your chances of a sale.

8) What Would Your Alternative Be?

Try to get your customers to imagine exact what life would be like if they don’t close with you. This question can reiterate the problem they’re trying to solve, which can make them realize just how important your product can actually be to their success.

Building Automated Workflows to Improve Your Close Rates

Of course, understanding what to say is only the beginning. In addition, you have to make sure that you reach your customers at the right time, through the right medium to close more sales.

For that reason, Customer Relationship Management software should become a core part of your sales effort. With email workflows, you can set up automated messages that incorporate the above phrases to greater effect. You can also set up call activities that achieve the same goals, after nurturing messages have prepared your potential customers for the sales pitch.

The right CRM, in fact, can have a significant impact on your close rates. To learn more about BigContacts, and how it can help you accomplish that goal, contact us.

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