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The potential power of email marketing if undeniable. If you can master the art of crafting compelling messages to send to a relevant audience, you can leverage the tactic to achieve small business success.

But of course, especially if you’re just getting started, getting to that point is not easy. How to you bridge the gap from opening your CRM for the first time to riding the wave of email marketing success to revenue growth? Here are 7 introductory email marketing tips that can grow your small business.

1) Pick a Relevant Audience

First things first: before you even start to consider, design, or write any marketing emails, pick your audience. Instead of blasting a message to your entire contact database, segment them into relatively homogeneous segments that might be interested in the same type of content. That way, you can create emails that are actually relevant and valuable.

2) Spend Significant Time on the Subject Line

Don’t treat your subject line like a throwaway. Most email experts, in fact, recommend marketers to spend at least half your time crafting an email on nothing but the subject line. The reason is simple: the success of your email marketing will rest on how many people actually read your message, and your subject line will directly determine your open rates.

3) Don’t Get too Sales-y

It’s tempting to use your email as a sales tool, praising your products or services and pushing people toward becoming customers. But in reality, your audience probably won’t react to these types of messages. They get hundreds of similar emails every day, and won’t hesitate to delete yours if it doesn’t stand out. Instead, provide actual value, giving your audience content, tips, or discounts that they would not receive if they didn’t open your emails.

4) Always Provide Unsubscribe Options

In any type of email marketing, you don’t want to violate CAN-SPAM. The law was first passed in 2003, and gives brands in all industries very specific regulations to follow. Providing an unsubscribe link is one of them, and it also helps to keep your contact database clean: if someone actively tells you they’re not interested in your messaging, it makes sense to stop trying to promote your brand to them.

5) Personalize Your Emails

Email personalization works, on all levels. Whether you send from a personal account rather than a generic company sender, address your subjects by first name, or simply segment your audience into smaller, more personal groups, personalization tends to increase relevance and goodwill from your audience. It also increases your chances of success.

6) Create a Consistent Email Brand

A simply email will probably not get your audience to become customers. You need a sequence of emails, and within that sequence, consistency is key. Build a general template for your marketing emails, and adhere to that template. Use the same font, layout, and colors throughout to increase brand recognition and improve your click-through success.

7) Provide a Logical Next Step

Finally, never send an email without a natural call to action. Each email should have a conversion purpose, whether it’s buying one of your products or visiting your pricing page. By providing that next step, you make sure that your emails are not just beautifully designed, but also serve your ultimate purpose of growing your business.

Email marketing has immense success potential. Using the above tips, you can begin to build beautiful emails that will convince, delight, and convert your audience. But of course, you need the software capabilities to do that without a background in IT. For more information in that regard, contact us. Our CRM is ideal for small businesses looking to improve their interactions with current and future customers, and grow their business as a result.

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