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Your customers’ lifecycle is vital to understanding and communicating with them. The customer lifecycle has been covered in our 3-Act Guide and includes every activity you take from the moment you interact with a prospect until you get referrals from a satisfied client. With proper planning and system management, sales automation through CRM Software gives your business the tools to meet your client’s needs, delight them and build a growing fan-base of dedicated customers.

The following are 5 ways that you can use a CRM to automate customer communication throughout your interactions with each individual customer.

  1. Lead Response – While automated subscription notices are a required part of most CRM lead management systems, many business owners include some personal information and a thank you in any subscription update from an email marketing notice. Email marketing is only one of the areas where a lead response can be generated and managed through CRM automation. Filling out contact forms on your site, attending events and sales presentations, leaving contact information with a sales rep, the possible areas for communication are endless. Proper sales communication includes responses to each of these events, thank you’s for prospects time and follow ups after a certain number of days. Deliver each of these response types via personalized automatic communication and provide great customer service at the entry level of your sales funnel and increase the conversion from prospects to leads to customers.
  2. Plan Response Time – There are certain activities a customer or prospect does that engender a customer service response. From unsubscribing to clicking on your online store button, many of these events can be monitored and responded to by your CRM. While automatic responses are great, giving the right amount of time between them is essential for providing a human touch. Someone clicking on the shopping cart on your page requires communication from 24-48 hours later: something along the line of “Thanks, and did you get everything you need?” On the other hand, an unsubscribe should not be responded to after an hour, because then they will see it as spam: a simple automatic response of “I’m sorry to see you go, did you really intend to unsubscribe?” can often save a potential lead by offering additional value to the prospect/customer.
  3. Reward Customer Activity – From a valuable purchase to giving you a referral, customer activity on your behalf needs to be acknowledged and rewarded. Automate coupons, discounts, and thank you letters. These automatic rewards will engage your customers and turn them into dedicated fans who will bring more customers into your business through their passion and dedication to your company.
  4. Split-Test Communications – Modern CRMs give you the tools to automate communication even when there are multiple options available. This can include an automatic response if they open an email or if they don’t, if they click on a link in the email or don’t. With split-testing your communications, you will be able to respond and track communications with a variety of customers doing a variety of activities and tailor your business systems to match their needs.
  5. Integrate Automatic and Non-Automatic Emails – In the case of customers who need personal communication with you, it is always beneficial to see where they are at in the sales workflow process. Because there will be automatic communication going out (wait for 30 days after a purchase and then send a follow up email) that may cause problems if the customers start to feel overwhelmed by how much information you are sending their way. Since a modern CRM shows you each aspect of communication you have recorded with a lead/customer, you have the ability to manage the communication for that specific customer to prevent information overload and provide the very best customer service.

These are just some of the ways that marketing automation throughout the customer’s lifecycle increases communication and service. For more information about customer lifecycles, CRM integration, and other customer management business solutions, please contact us today!

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