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It’s said that companies which effectively use CRM software are ‘customer companies.’ And why is that? Because CRM so effectively boosts your company’s appearance, social status, and effectiveness, that your customer retention rates and customer satisfaction ratings can skyrocket.

Here are just a few of the surprising numbers CRM software has proven to deliver:

  • Increases in sales of up to 29%.
  • Boosting productivity by up to 34%.
  • Improving customer satisfaction by up to 32%.

And it doesn’t stop there. CRM software connects your business to current and potential customers like never before.


Our CRM software gives you a variety of ways to sort, read, and respond to emails.

Our CRM program allows you to send emails directly from the contact record. When an email is sent through the program it is immediately captured and stored in the appropriate correspondence folder associated with that contact. Additionally, all emails sent in this manner will still appear to have been sent from your business email address.

  • Sending Emails Outside Of BigContacts – Our program also offers a unique “email dropbox” feature that allows you to compose and send emails outside of the program while still ensuring that all email correspondence is automatically captured, sorted and stored to the appropriate contact record no matter where the message originates – including your tablet or smartphone.
  • Group Emails – Using BigContacts, you can quickly filter through your database and generate a targeted list of contacts that you need to email to get the word out on a promotion or to simply follow-up from an event, etc.

As with sending emails from inside or outside of our CRM software, our email dropbox feature will also automatically capture, sort and store all incoming emails to the appropriate contact record as well.  Oh and did I mention attachments?  All attachments sent or received will be stored right alongside the emails that we capture so that no matter when or where you or anyone on your team need access to this correspondence you have it available to you with just a few mouse clicks.

And as an added convenience each contact record essentially has its own many “inbox”. You can Reply, Reply All, or Forward any email correspondence that is stored in the contact record.

Social Media

Integrated CRM software has the ability to keep track of current and potential customer data in a variety of ways;

  • One-click access to your company’s social media pages.
  • Real-time social media updates.
  • Easily follow up on questions submitted to your company’s social media page from customers.

Our software offers a real-time tracker of your followers on LinkedIn and Twitter via our ‘Social Media Ticker.’ The ticker will allow you to view media feeds, as well as contact profiles.


Task management is an essential part of keeping customers happy and improving the company’s reputation for service/support. Our CRM software helps streamline task management by;

  • Organizing and sorting tasks by priority or urgency.
  • Adding and removing new tasks with ease.
  • Creating automated tasks to remind you to follow-up at just the right time
  • Creating workflows so that you can keep track of every step of a process

Sales Tracking

BigContact’s Sales pipeline & Sales Manager Report will allow you to stay on top of all current sales related activities. Using this feature will not only give you an accurate picture and forecasts of expected revenue, it is a great way to monitor the overall performance of your sales reps.

Contact Organization

And finally, CRM software organizes all of the company’s various contacts.  Our unique “Contact Dashboard” allows you to manage your prospects and customer relationships by keeping track of all communications with your contacts – including notes, calls, meetings, tasks, files, photos, email and sales opportunities.

By doing all of this and more, it’s easy to see why CRM software can help companies boost their reputation and customer retention. If you would like to learn more, we invite you to check out our website where you can find more information about CRM software.

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