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Increase engagement. Email marketing has one of the highest ROI of all marketing methods, but the secret of what makes email marketing special is the relationship you build with your subscribers, which in turn causes them to react and interact with you. Here are a few tips for nurturing your relationship and getting your subscribers to interact with your emails.

It All Starts With Your Lead Magnet

When it comes to a subscriber-marketer relationship, people often talk about what you put in your actual emails. However, it all really starts with your lead magnet. This is what people sign up to your list with, and it is the thing that they will remember you for and associate with you for however long they are on your list.

Some people optimize their landing page with stylish ebook covers and sales copy. That’s all fine and dandy, but make sure that your subscribers will still ooh and aah when they finally download that ebook, get that free report, or watch that webinar. If they end up somewhat disappointed, they won’t read your future emails with the same enthusiasm.

Be Personal

Personalization isn’t just about adding the subscriber’s first name to the subject line. Yeah, it usually increases open rates, but pretty much everyone knows by now that it’s just an automated software doing it and that nobody is really typing an email just for them. (Besides, it won’t do much if someone misspelled their name or wrote a fake name.)

Being personal also has to do with the tone of your emails. It has to do with adding a face and personality to your emails — don’t just send generalized emails that come from “support” or “noreply” or any other non-personal address. Of course, you want to be professional, but subscribers should feel like they’re getting their emails from a person, not a machine.

In addition, you might want to send special letters from your CEO every once in a while. This will make your subscribers feel special and further cement their relationship with your brand.

Keep Your Subscribers Hooked

Don’t just send out email blasts that promote your products (or even your blog posts). After your original lead magnet, you should continue following up with free gifts every now and then. These can be free ebooks, reports, checklists, coupons, webinars (which can be automated), etc.

For example, you can write a new mini-ebook or guide every month and send it out to your subscribers. You can also create a portfolio of ebooks and incorporate them into a follow-up autoresponder series.

Remember, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too many ebooks that they won’t have time to read. Focus on quality, not quantity. Create short and to-the-point guides that provide real value and which will make sure that your subscribers feel lucky to be on your list.

Integrate Email With Social Media

Get your subscribers to follow you on social media. Not only does this increase the potential of you reaching them, it also solidifies their relationship with you.

You can include small “follow me” buttons in your emails, or you can send occasional emails promoting your social profiles. You can even create a private Facebook group for your subscribers.

Include Interactive Content

Interactive content is a great way to get your subscribers to engage with your emails. You can include stuff such as a short poll, a gif, or a video in your content. If you are having trouble embedding them in the email itself, you can always create a thumbnail image and link it to a hosted version of your video.

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