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Wouldn’t you agree that your 2015 customer service initiatives along with retention are indeed top priority for your business objectives? Absolutely!  Keeping your customers happy and loyal to your brand does require you to have systems in place that will meet their needs. The essence of a quality CRM platform is designed to help you improve your customer service  and, as a side effect, can help increase sales.

In fact, Tech News World lists the top 3 benefits of using a customer relationship management software system include:

  • Improved customer service
  • Better customer satisfaction, and
  • Increased customer retention

Some businesses are still trying to operate effectively without a CRM, which in 2015, is working harder, not smarter. CRM software have been proven to boost customer service as well as provide a plethora of other features that will benefit your company.

Actually, here are five statistics that show the important of placing emphasis on customer service in your business.

#1 The American Express Survey of 2011 shows that 78% of customers bailed out on a transaction or didn’t complete an intended purchase due to poor customer service – Contrary to what most may believe, the price or actual product rarely has to do with customers not making the buying decision…it’s the service.

#2 According to the Global Customer Service Barometer, three out of four consumers stated they remained loyal customers due to positive customer service experiences.

#3 Improving customer service can increase sales by as much as 60%! – (Source:

#4 68% of consumers would react by telling family and friends about a negative customer service experience by posting it on their social network – Keep in mind that messages can spread like wildfire on social media! (Source:

#5 RightNow Technologies shared that 73% of U.S. adults said a friendly customer service experience made them fall in love with a brand.

How can CRM Help with Customer Service?

The following reveals how having the right CRM platform for your business will help boost customer service:

  • The ability to respond quickly to customer complaints and feedback
  • With a web-based CRM system, sales reps are now able to engage with customers anytime and from anywhere (PC, Mac, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet)
  • More effectively monitor and respond to conversations on social media
  • Set alerts on your CRM can help you follow up with clients in a timely manner
  • Easily access customer profiles and information to recall key points of previous conversations

CRM Software is a tremendous asset when it comes to meeting your customer service objectives for the year and beyond.  For further guidance in CRM Software and how it can help meet the unique needs of your business, please contact us here.

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