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Lead nurturing can only get better through a process of trial-and-error. You have to find out what works specifically for your business in order to close more sales. In many ways, it’s a process of throwing different things at the wall and seeing what sticks. With that being said, here are a few lead nurturing tips that have been met with success.

More collaboration

Lead nurturing requires synergy within a company. You can’t advance prospects in the buying process if your sales representatives contradict your marketing campaign.

Although many businesses are still playing catch up in this respect, we expect the bar to rise even higher. According to this Mashable article, businesses will need to collaborate more to close more sales:

“Businesses have already merged sales and marketing in their content strategies, but the coming year will see that collaboration expand to include customer success and product development. Prezi focuses on storytelling, with a suite of tools to help business teams create, collaborate, and monitor their results. These types of tools will be even more important as CMOs strive to create the internal and external content strategies that are necessary to reach today’s business customers.”

Your sales and marketing teams, your ownership and employees, and your internal and external strategies all need to be in alignment. There’s no more room for inconsistencies.

Targeted content

Targeted content is one of the most effective lead nurturing strategies. It’s more effective than its counterpart because it speaks directly to prospects in your target audience.

To create targeted content, you need to first create and identify customer personas. Then, you can plan strategies specifically for each one, which represents real-life customers.

Video in emails

Users only read content when they’re really interested in a particular topic. Unless you think your company falls into this category, you should add a few videos in your marketing campaign.

A recent Huffington Post article explains how effective marketing videos are. According to the article, just adding a video in your marketing emails can have a drastic effective on your click-through rate:

“Including video in an email leads to an impressive 200-300% increase in click-through rate, according to a report published by Forrester. That’s extra traffic anyone would love to have to their site. Your PPC leads aren’t necessarily interested in diving into long-form content in an email or on your website. 80% of users will watch a video, yet only 20% will read your content in full. So tell your story with video.”

Creating a video is harder than writing an article, but the payout justifies the effort. In general, visual content is more engaging than written content, and if that’s your main priority, then you’ll have to give the people what they want.

Simple, effective messages

Content geared towards lead nurturing tends to get a bit crazy. Although this is businesses just wanting to show their enthusiasm, their efforts are often counterproductive.

You don’t need ten different types of content. You also don’t need to send fifteen emails. All you need is a few simple messages that plainly state why prospective customers need your business. Send a couple emails periodically to users and you’re done.

There’s a lot to be said about simple lead nurturing tactics. They don’t overwhelm prospective customers, they don’t show desperation, and they merely sum up the benefits of your product. That’s all users need to hear at this stage of the buying process.

We can’t guarantee that these tactics will work for your business. But the best way to improve your lead nurturing process is to try different things out and see what works best. To talk more about lead nurturing, or anything else, contact us today.

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