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Small business marketers who ask the question “what can I do to help my business right now?” are often disappointed. Many strategies, from optimizing your website for search engines to building your social media presence, require dedication and resources, and often take months to bear fruit.

But fear not! As it turns out, you can do a few things that will help you market your business successfully without delay. So instead of wasting more of your valuable time, let’s jump right in: here are 3 adjustments that will instantly build your online presence.

1) Write for the Web

Perhaps the single biggest issue small business owners face when beginning to market their products or services online is one of which they may not even be aware: adjusting their writing for the web.

Even if you have some experience writing text for local ads or newsletters, make no mistake: writing for the web is an entirely different animal. Just knowing that, and adjusting your writing accordingly, can instant improve your online presence.

As you probably know, Twitter has a character limit of 140 characters on all of its tweets. In fact, that may be the exact reason you’ve stayed away from the network! But what if we told you that you should treat your Facebook presence as if it had the same limit?

As it turns out, the text in your Facebook posts starts getting cut off after 90 characters depending on your readers’ device of choice, so making sure you put the most important, convincing part of your message in those first 90 characters is absolutely crucial.

And that’s just one example of the need to adjust your writing. Web users have little patience; they won’t stick around to read a paragraph that’s longer than 3 or 4 sentences and looks like a “wall of text” on their mobile device. By shortening your sentences and paragraphs, and directing them to “you” text rather than “I” statements, you ensure that a much greater percentage of your users read and share your text, and your online presence grows.

2) Quality over Quantity

Many small business owners mistakenly think that to be successful in the digital realm, they need to push out content as often as possible when in fact, the opposite is true. Yes, Google loves regular content updates, just as regular exposure on social media is important. But that doesn’t mean you should emphasize the quantity over quality.

Again, take Facebook as an example. Thanks to its EdgeRank algorithm, the network only shows your posts to a portion of your “likes” who have engaged with past posts of yours. Because your audience is much more likely to engage with posts that it deems interesting and relevant, businesses focusing on quality content reach a much larger audience than those who simply push posts.

The same is true for Google. Increasingly, the search engine seeks out quality content to rank highly, determining its relevancy in a scoring algorithm that continuously updates itself to maximize user satisfaction. If your individual page updates aren’t exciting enough for your users to interact with and share, you won’t get to take advantage of potential exposure on the search engines.

3) Connect Your Efforts

Finally, you should absolutely encourage your offline consumers to visit your online presence, whether that presence is a website or a social media profile.

Asking for (honest) reviews, administering a survey, or even offering small rewards online that you can promote in your storefront all drives new users to your web. And if, once they’re there, they discover the quality content you have developed with your newly-acquired web writing skills, they’ll be likely to stick around and ensure that your online presence keeps growing.

BONUS: Capture Your Online Visitors

So if you’re beginning to grow your online presence, what’s next? Ideally, you should capture your visitors, encouraging them to give you their contact information become leads in exchange for your quality content. Then, you can begin to engage in targeted marketing campaigns which will increase your customer base and benefit everyone involved.

So if you need any help with making sure that your newly-grown online presence turns into actual revenue, contact us! We’d love to talk to you about our CRM and how it helps you move leads toward becoming customers.

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