One of the many benefits of choosing BigContacts to manage your prospect and customer relationships is our unique “Contact Dashboard”. The Contact Dashboard allows you to easily capture and store all communications with your contacts—including notes, calls, meetings, tasks, files, photos, sales opportunities and EMAIL!

Bottom line:  You can manage your prospect and customer relationships by keeping track of all activity in a single, intelligent platform.

“Folders” View

With all the information that BigContacts helps you to capture and store, it’s important to have a system for keeping all this information neatly organized.  There’s nothing worse than trying to find a note, file or email for a prospect or customer and you can’t quite put your fingers on it.

When you consider that the average person will waste approximately 2 weeks over the course of a year just searching for information, proper organization can literally recapture time and help make you more money.

In the folders view of your Contact Dashboard you will see a variety of folders that organize different types of data into their own folders…making it easier to find this information when needed.

BigContacts Dashboard - folders view

You can sort in each folder simply by clicking on any one of the hyperlinked columns.  This allows you to sort information by date, who created the history and even the type of history.

BigContacts Dashboard - sort history folders

“Timeline” View

Today, we’re excited to announce a NEW way to organize and view the interactions you have with your prospects and customers. We’ve introduced the Timeline view that displays a true “chronology” of all events and activity that has occurred since you added the contact to your BigContacts account.

The Timeline view takes all the activity that was neatly organized across multiple folders and displays it in a vertical timeline with the most recent activity listed first.  You will gain new insights into the overall cadence of activity and “pulse” of each of your relationships.  You can easily change the view by clicking on the toggle button you will see in the upper right hand corner of every contact record.

BigContacts Dashboard - timeline view

This new Timeline view is available to all customers on the BigContacts 3.0 platform and can be found simply by clicking on the “Timeline” button in the top right hand corner of any contact record in your BigContacts account.

If you have any questions about this new feature, please CONTACT US and one of our Customer Success Specialists will be happy to help.

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