Before investing in any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, any company would want to (rightly) know about the ROI from using CRM Software. So, what do you need to know about the ROI?

Here’s some insights.

  • As with any other valuable business tool, CRM software is going to require an investment of both time and money — time for you, and your employees, to learn the ins and outs of the software; money, of course, for the actual expenditure of implementation and maintenance. In some cases, the CRM software will be so complicated that you, or your company, will need to hire a consultant to work either part-time, or full-time, with your employees to ensure that your transition into integrating this CRM software into your company is a seamless one. Needless to say, hiring a consultant at any level is also an investment — another expenditure of time & money.
  • With this said, the return on investment (ROI) into the CRM software is worth the expenditure. First, and foremost, by implementing CRM software into your company, you will improve your IT efficiency — that is to say, after the initial implementation of the CRM software, you and your workers will find it easier to use the software, which will increase their efficiency.
  • Proper implementation of CRM software also provides a good ROI by contributing to your top line revenues. Because CRM software streamlines such things as your content — and your contacts — it improves not only the way you sell your business (and its sundry goods, should you have them), but also the way you target your potential clients. CRM software allows you to track such things as responsiveness, sales, and effectiveness of marketing efforts.
  • Another way that CRM software provides a positive ROI to your business is in increasing your profit margin. By providing a complete overview of what your relationship with your client entails — including providing a detailed account of such things as communications, outstanding invoices, and presentations — you, as a business owner, will be able to better identify your clients’ needs/wants and, most importantly, buying patterns.
  • To that end, as well, CRM software will also help you identify any sticking points in your relationship with the client. For example, let’s suppose you have a client that, despite meeting with him/her seven times, only purchased goods and/or services from you twice. When you have CRM software, you are able to go back into your log and see what you did with those two times that resulted in the two sales. Was the presentation different? Was the salesman different? Was the time of day different? Something that you may think wasn’t a “big deal” turns out to be the catalyst — the “make or break” point — that ultimately “closes the deal.” With the proper CRM software — and its proper implementation — you can track what works, and what doesn’t, for each client, thus increasing your sales…and, ultimately, your bottom line!

In short, CRM software is your number one resource that — though it requiring an initial expenditure of time, resources, and money — will ultimately be the best investment your company can make.

So, where do we come into this CRM software picture?

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