Many successful businesses would tell you that using “Marketing Automation” with CRM Software is almost like magic.  Remember growing up as a child you learned to “say the magic word,” which resulted in your response with “please” being rewarded with something or another. And, the importance of sending out a thank-you note to Aunt Mary for the birthday gift, and when you were older, encouraged to send out a thank-you note to the prospective employer for granting you an interview.

The key to creating that “magic” lies basically in timing.  While promptness with thank you notes is critical, marketing automation relies more so on accurate timing.  The Business2Community website lists several reasons why it is important to use marketing automation that makes use of your CRM software.  The key here is to “synchronize” the two types of software to deliver the best results. Their website offers various suggestions and explains some great reasons how and why this can benefit your organization, including

  •          Nurturing leads and developing better relationships with customers
  •          Educating customers so that they are better informed and can make a larger purchase or decision
  •          Gathering information about the customer in regard to their interests, browsing habits and responses to marketing.

Efforts such as these will save you time and money by allowing you to sort leads according to a variety of factors.  In the past, we often referred to this as “pre-qualifying”, but today it is more often referred to as gauging their intention to buy through their level of interest.  This automatically makes the sales process more efficient by sending the prospects the most relevant information at the right time.  Using the results to track the entire process from start to finish can identify which type of actions worked more successfully.

You can customize your marketing campaign to send personalized emails to prospects at various points depending on where they are within your sales cycle. You can easily customize your email process to adjust automatically if your contact clicks on a particular link within an email or if they previously replied.  The variables are established by you, possibly based on an analysis of what has been successful in the past. You can choose from timed emails (using a set amount of time between contacts) or base them on conditions that direct the next action to be taken.

Find out more about how you can use the combination of marketing automation with your CRM software to customize and create a successful tool for the growth of your business when you contact us.

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