At BigContacts, our mission is to offer small business owners affordable and easy-to-use tools that will help them to more effectively organize and grow their business.  In September 2013 we announced that BigContacts partnered with ActiveCampaign.  In that article we mentioned that through this partnership it was our goal to create the industry’s BEST integration between CRM & Email Marketing / Marketing Automation Software.

Based on the overwhelming feedback so far it appears that we have accomplished our goal, but it is not our nature to rest. We are constantly striving to make some aspect of our system better each and every day. We have a number of additional enhancements planned this year for our integration with ActiveCampaign.

Every business today should frequently review its marketing strategies and constantly work to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. One of the biggest shifts in marketing in the past decade has been the rapid growth of mobile advertising. Smart companies are working hard to take advantage of this growing mobile advertising market.

Today, we wanted to share another great tool that has been added to ActiveCampaign email marketing platform that will help you to stay current with with these shifts in the marketing landscape and help you to further improve your marketing efforts.

Announcing SMS/Text Message Marketing!

You can now send highly targeted (and personalized) text messages to your contacts.  There are so many possibilities with that come with this new mode of marketing – mobile marketing.  Below are just a few of the highlights of how you can take advantage of this great new capability.

Automatic follow ups with SMS messages

Add automated SMS sending to your automation sequences. Send follow ups to your contacts, notify sales agents, and more.

ActiveCampaign will send the SMS messages within an acceptable delivery time schedule that you can specify.

They will even make sure it is sent in the recipient’s time zone to ensure they only receive SMS messages during acceptable hours of the day.

Reliable (and cost-effective) delivery

Pricing for SMS sending is as affordable as it is easy. Small business (paid) accounts get 25 free messages per month and enterprise accounts get 1,000 free messages per month. SMS sending is only available for the United States & Canada at this time. (more countries coming soon)

Additional credits can be purchased as follows: 100 SMS credits for $8, 250 SMS credits for $17, 500 SMS credits for $33, 1,000 SMS credits for $63, 2,500 SMS credits for $150, 5,000 SMS credits for $280, and additional bulk pricing available upon request.

Automatic opt-out and unsubscribe management

If anyone wishes to not receive any further SMS messages (replying with STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, etc..) ActiveCampaign will automatically exclude them from all future SMS messages.

Getting Started

To get started you will first want to Import your existing mobile phone numbers into your ActiveCampaign account.

PLEASE NOTE: we will soon have automated synchronization between BigContacts and ActiveCampaign for “Mobile phone” number field (in addition to all the other fields we already synchronize).

If you’re ready to get started with this please email us at for more complete instructions on how to initially import your mobile phone numbers.

Where to find this new feature in BigContacts

to access this feature will want to select the “marketing” tab as you would normally do to access all the marketing functionality within your BigContacts. The screenshot below. They then select the “campaigns” tab and then finally the “automated series” subtab.  Is easier that you will create your automated series (autoresponder/marketing automation campaign) and you will see that the SMS/text messaging is now another tool in your marketing tool chest.


Marketing tab AC

You’re now ready to create your automated marketing campaign and utilize the new SMS/text messaging feature!  As you’ll see in the screen below you can utilize both email and SMS text messaging within the same campaign, giving you a tremendous amount of flexibility in how and where you market to your prospects and customers.

AS SMS Text Messages

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