Your contacts are organized, now how do you market to them? This is a very good question, and there is an even better answer, invest in CRM software that has a fully integrated Email Marketing module. CRM stands for customer relationship management. While this software excels at tracking and archiving all customer and contact interactions, so that you are provided with a comprehensive overview of your relationship and history with each customer, it also does so much more.  CRM can help you drive sales and increase the potency of your email marketing campaigns. Let’s see how.

Integration of Sales and Marketing Departments 

Full featured CRM software enables businesses to present a more unified front internally and externally. With the extensive customer relationship history that the software provides, each team/department within your business can remain on the same page.  In addition, Marketing can easily pass leads over to the sales team when they are ready to be contacted. You can not only automate the lead nurturing and lead scoring, you can have the system also automate key follow-up tasks to ensure that the sales reps are following up the right time.

Generation of Leads

The right CRM software can automatically capture and nurture leads from your online efforts such as email marketing campaigns. The software should also be able to prioritize which of the leads is the hottest and has the best chance of being a successful sale. When you know who is the most likely to require your services or products, you can easily turn your contacts into customers and drive your sales up.

Reducing Inefficiencies

One thing that CRM software can quickly cure are your operation’s shortcomings and inefficiencies. Powered with the tools to organize all of your customer and prospect information, automate tasks and workflows and flawlessly execute on your marketing campaigns.  You’ll be able to save a tremendous amount of time, allowing you to focus more of your efforts on increasing your sales and doing what do best – spending time with prospects to help them understand why they need to do business with you.

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