Want to grow your small business? The fastest and most reliable method is through developing solid, trusting customer relationships. Developing solid, trusting relationships means consistently staying in contact.

And consistently staying in contact means using email marketing software that offers automated and intelligent email campaigns. It’s your most powerful tool to build relationships and thus grow your business. So is it time for you to take your email marketing to the next level? Here are the signs that it’s time to upgrade how you do email marketing — and start automating your email process.

#1 – You have limited resources 

If controlling costs is one of your biggest concerns, automating your email campaigns can mean fewer hassles and lower costs (as opposed to regular email). Though email marketing can be your single greatest tool when it comes to sales, it can also be your most time-consuming and frustrating process if you’re not careful. Email marketing quickly reduces staff overhead and pulls in new leads so you’ll know exactly when to go after a potential customer and complete a sale. You don’t waste time following unqualified leads, and instead instantly learn which marketing tactics are really pulling in the right leads and ultimately – new sales.

#2 – Your emails aren’t create enough sales — or any at all

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do your emails generate high-quality leads?
  • Can you justify the costs involved with software and marketing staff to keep doing what you’re doing?
  • Are you able to target a variety of customers with different campaigns and marketing tactics?
  • Do you have a quick, simple method to generate landing pages that make it easy for your customers to learn more about your products or services?

If the answer is “no’ to any of those questions, start considering automated email marketing. You can integrate your existing CRM system with the software, and even if your business is small and you don’t anyone dedicated to marketing, you can still benefit from automating your email marketing.

#3 – You’re having trouble closing deals

If you can’t quite figure out which customer segments are most likely to buy which products or service, you probably need to upgrade your system. Automatic marketing allows you to better gauge your customers’ motivations and interests so you know exactly how to encourage them to complete their purchase. This happens when you provide the right information at the right time. It also becomes easier to follow up on leads and drive more qualified sales to your website. It’s a personalized, real-time approach to email marketing.

#4 – You’re having a hard time creating effective marketing campaigns

Everything is falling in place: you’ve got a great product with great product descriptions on a great website. So all that’s left is for customers to buy, right?

Well, unless you have an automated email marketing program, you won’t have the intel to tell you how to move your marketing campaign forward. You need hard data like demographics, open rates and click-through rates to really guide your decisions, so you can design more effective marketing that focuses only on those customers most likely to buy. Combining automatic emails with your CRM system allows you to understand your leads and figure out which customers deliver the best ROI.

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