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Clients say it Best...

I purchased your program last month. I have to take the time to write and let you know what an amazing job you have done in putting this program together.

Every day I laugh thinking... this is beautiful...why didn't I do this sooner! It has inspired me to work harder, do a better job of managing my clients, and in finding new business. I look forward to opening this program each day.

So a BIG THANK YOU TO BIGCONTACTS for a job well done!!! Please pass this along to all that have put their hard work into developing this program.

Michael S.
Los Angeles, CA
Insurance, Financial Planning
The support at BigContacts is far superior to any other web service I have used, including Not only are they friendly and professional, their response time has been amazing.

Ray T.
Vancouver, BC
Business Consultant

  Overall, Big Contacts is the best solution I have found in many years. You can use it at a basic level or enhanced to meet your needs. Beginning users need not fear - it will be surprisingly easy to use. Advanced users can feel comfortable that it can meet your comprehensive requirements. The value in this product is excellent.

Lisa M.
Chandler, AZ
Accounting-Business Consultant

Big Contacts has made us better. I have been a user of Big Contacts coming up on two years (July 2008). And though it took real effort for me to break-away from a stand alone version of ACT, I'm glad I've made the move to a web-based CRM...

Daniel M.
Salt Lake City, UT
Mortgage Broker

We love Big Contacts. Easy to use, economical and provides everything we need to schedule follow-ups and communicate with customers. Auto-pilot campaigns allow us to stay in touch with clients behind the scenes, and email templates provide me with a way to ensure my sales people are sending effective and professional communication in an incredibly time-efficient fashion. Before finding Big Contacts, we looked at virtually every contact management system we could find and had just about given up because we didn't like any of them. Our IT dept was going to have to build one in-house. Big Contacts is what we'd have built if we'd done it ourselves, only much better

Brian G.
San Diego, CA
Sports Coaching Services
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CRM Software can help you touch your Customer base regularly

This blog post is another in a series on how to “KEEP more of your Customers”…      

touch your customer base

The best way to prove your commitment to delivering a high level of service is through your actions. When a customer has an issue or needs technical assistance, make it your priority to resolve it immediately. Every time an issue is resolved in a timely manner, you will build the confidence your customers have in your company to deliver what they need. Prompt follow-up is a great opportunity to show your commitment to the customer, and turn a potentially bad situation into a real positive one.  

Let’s say you have made all the right changes and have now turned your customer service/support center into an asset for your company. You’re now in a position to turn this into an area that can actually generate more revenue for your company.  With the right approach and the right information at their fingertips (by using a good CRM system), your customer service and support team now has the opportunity to cross sell or up-sell the existing customers that they support. If done right, this part of your business can transform from a pure overhead item to a profit center.

be prompt with customer service

An essential part of any client retention program involves direct feedback from your customers. There are a variety of ways to gather feedback from your customers, but one of the most efficient and effective tools we have used is a customer survey. It wasn’t too long ago that the common practice was to send a survey in the mail. You sent it out and then waited for your customers to mail it back to you.  

Today, there are a number of great, easy-to-use survey tools that allow you to simply email the survey, collect the data electronically and gain a good picture of where things are. All without licking a stamp or running off to the post office with a box full of envelopes.  

This function should be a built-in tool in the suite of tools that you use to manage the customers’ lifecycle. A well-written survey can provide invaluable insights into what your customers like and dislike about your product or service. This information can help shape anything from the direction you take in your product development to the way you deliver customer service.  

Listening closely to this feedback and acting upon it will go a long ways to increasing your customer retention over the long run. If your customers share their complaints with you in this process, that’s a very good thing.  

describe the image
What can you gather from a survey?

Customer satisfaction: Find out what your customers think about your product or service.

Company insight:
Identify any improvements that you could make to increase satisfaction for both your customers AND employees – as your employees ultimately influence customer satisfaction.
Evaluate the competition: Find out what other companies your customers may like and what they like about them.    

According to 1st Financial Training Services, 96 percent of customers don’t complain, they just leave. Of those that leave, 91 percent will never come back.

describe the image

Finally, surveys are also effective with former customers. If you can find patterns for why they left in the first place, you can work to improve the experience for current customers. No matter how well your product or service ranks in your specific marketplace, you can grow your business by mastering the customer lifecycle.  

If you put the right processes and technology in place you can outmaneuver, outsmart and outshine your competition – all without improving one thing about your product.  Getting this critically important aspect of your business right will ensure that you have a healthy business for many years to come.


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