New CRM Import Wizard makes it easy to add Contacts

Posted by Bob Walton on Sat, September 10, 2011 @ 08:51 AM

BigContacts has always offered a free Import Wizard within our Web Based CRM Software, and this tool has served our customers well over the years - allowing over 10,000 small businesses to import their most important contact data. This tool is a key first step to a quick and productive start with our software. 

But, the import process is not always easy and we knew we could make it even better. 

One of the biggest challenges when importing a list of contacts is getting all of the fields in your spreadsheet to map to the right fields in your CRM Software. If you count all of the phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and any custom fields you may wish to import, your spreadsheet can easily contain up to 2 dozen columns that need to get mapped somewhere in this new system.

Well, we have just solved this challenge.  This Friday we realized a greatly improved Import Wizard that makes this process as easy as "connecting the dots" on a numbered puzzle. 

You will find this new Import tool in the same familiar location within our system, but with a much better experience the next time you need to import a list of contacts into BigContacts.

BigContacts Import Wizard


The big change you will notice is our new and very intuitive field mapping section that will appear right after you upload your spreadsheet.

BigContacts Import Wizard

For more information on how this new tool works, we have created a short video that will give you step-by-step instructions for succesfully importing your contacts. 

Watch the Import Wizard video
We hope you enjoy this latest enhancement and as always...if you have any questions on this, we encourage you to start a live chat or submit a support ticket and one of our Customer Support Associates will be happy to help.

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