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Clients say it Best...

I purchased your program last month. I have to take the time to write and let you know what an amazing job you have done in putting this program together.

Every day I laugh thinking... this is beautiful...why didn't I do this sooner! It has inspired me to work harder, do a better job of managing my clients, and in finding new business. I look forward to opening this program each day.

So a BIG THANK YOU TO BIGCONTACTS for a job well done!!! Please pass this along to all that have put their hard work into developing this program.

Michael S.
Los Angeles, CA
Insurance, Financial Planning
The support at BigContacts is far superior to any other web service I have used, including Not only are they friendly and professional, their response time has been amazing.

Ray T.
Vancouver, BC
Business Consultant

  Overall, Big Contacts is the best solution I have found in many years. You can use it at a basic level or enhanced to meet your needs. Beginning users need not fear - it will be surprisingly easy to use. Advanced users can feel comfortable that it can meet your comprehensive requirements. The value in this product is excellent.

Lisa M.
Chandler, AZ
Accounting-Business Consultant

Big Contacts has made us better. I have been a user of Big Contacts coming up on two years (July 2008). And though it took real effort for me to break-away from a stand alone version of ACT, I'm glad I've made the move to a web-based CRM...

Daniel M.
Salt Lake City, UT
Mortgage Broker

We love Big Contacts. Easy to use, economical and provides everything we need to schedule follow-ups and communicate with customers. Auto-pilot campaigns allow us to stay in touch with clients behind the scenes, and email templates provide me with a way to ensure my sales people are sending effective and professional communication in an incredibly time-efficient fashion. Before finding Big Contacts, we looked at virtually every contact management system we could find and had just about given up because we didn't like any of them. Our IT dept was going to have to build one in-house. Big Contacts is what we'd have built if we'd done it ourselves, only much better

Brian G.
San Diego, CA
Sports Coaching Services
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3 Steps to better control your Contact Manager


BigContacts has just released a new module to help you better manage and control access to certain contact information and reports within your Contact Management Software.

This new module can be found under the "Admin" tab within your system and now gives you much greater flexibility in what and how you can grant access to certain information and reports across your entire team.  Outlined below are the three sections that you will see in this new module along with an explanation of how to set things up so that you can gain even more control over your data.

I.  Manage User Roles

In this section, you can manage the user roles for your account. Roles are a way to manage permissions for your users. After creating a role, you can assign that role to users. Whenever you make a change to a role, all users assigned to it have their permissions changed as well.

Managing User Roles

It very easy to either add or change an existing User Role and the permissions/ access they have to your system.  To edit an existing user role simply click on the name of the user role in the gray bar and after you have made the needed changes, you will save them and the changes are immediately in effect. 

Please remember: Whenever you make a change to a user role, all users assigned to it have their permissions changed as well.

To add a new user role, you will click on the "Create New" button under the "Manage User Roles" section as shown below. Carefully configure the permissions you wish to grant this user type and save your changes.

create a new user role resized 600


manage user access resized 600


II. Assign Roles to Users

In this section, you can assign roles to your users. You can change the role assigned to a user at any time.

assigning user roles resized 600


III. Manage your Teams

Teams allow you to create groups for your users. You can restrict access of contacts and meetings to team members by editing a users role above.

manage your teams resized 600


We hope you find this new module helpful in managing your team.  Please feel free to submit a support ticket or join us for a live chat should you have any questions as you work with this new module. 

Stay tuned... we will be releasing a video that will walk you through each section in greater detail.  We will post the new video to our blog as soon as it becomes available.


I tried to use the URL provided but instead of login page I got a "Webpage Not Found" http 404 message.
Posted @ Wednesday, February 16, 2011 2:28 PM by Chris Isabell
I apologize for that. Please try this link again, as it should now work just fine for you. 
Let us know if you experience any other issues.
Posted @ Wednesday, February 16, 2011 2:53 PM by Bob Walton
Is there anyway to limit what various users types can view? If not, is that coming? Customer service had indicated that that would be part of the next release. Thanks
Posted @ Thursday, February 17, 2011 4:26 PM by Kristi
Great news! That is exactly what this new module does. Have you had a chance to watch this new video? Take a look at this as I think it will answer your questions. 
Please feel free to submit a ticket or start a live chat if you any more questions after watching this informative video.
Posted @ Friday, February 18, 2011 6:47 AM by Bob Walton
I see where I can limit what contacts users can view, but I am hoping to limit fields that only Managers can see. I have certain employees that need to access all users, but not all information within each user. I was hoping the "Read Only" would be more like "Hidden from user." Any chance of this coming soon?
Posted @ Friday, February 18, 2011 4:30 PM by Kristi Evans
Thanks for the feedback. We don't currently offer the ability to hide fields from certain user roles, but this is a great idea.  
I have submitted this as a future enhancement idea for this module.  
Keep the great ideas coming and thanks again for choosing BigContacts.
Posted @ Thursday, February 24, 2011 7:15 AM by Bob Walton
When I logged in using 
My Admin tab does not show my users.
Posted @ Sunday, February 27, 2011 5:12 PM by Dale Rutkowski
We have identified a display bug with IE8. If this is the browser you are suing, please know that this is somehting we are working to correct. In the meantime, please flee free to login using any of the 3 other browsers (FireFox, Chrome, Safari) we support as they all display this information for you. 
Here is a link to a page on our website with the links to free downloads for any of these other browsers. 
We also include performance statistics on the others browsers. You may decide to permanent upgrade to one of these others browsers after rewarding this information. 
If you are still experiencing issues with your display, please contact our support center right away ( as they can look into this further for you.
Posted @ Tuesday, March 01, 2011 9:08 AM by Bob Walton
You replied to my concern that I cannot see the list of my users in the Admin tab. You blamed it on a "bug" with IE8 and suggested I consider changing to another browser. No! BC worked with IE before and it should work with IE now or else don't release it until it does. I checked my login at another computer with IE7 and it doesn't work there either. Please don't change the program until you work out the bugs. Right now, I cannot use my Admin responsibilities on any users but myself. Suggesting I change my browser to another brand you are pushing is not service. The problem is in BC not in IE.
Posted @ Thursday, March 03, 2011 5:53 PM by Dale Rutkowski
What I offered you was an immediate workaround / solution to the problem. This was not meant to be a permanent fix for you.  
Fortunately, we do support 4 browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE). As I mentioned in the last comment we ARE fixing the issue with IE, but it truly is a problem only with IE (all other browsers are able to display this new module) - hence the reason I identified this as a display issue with IE. I am not blaming anyone, but simply stating the facts.  
Please keep in mind that this is the only function that is affected in IE. All other functions are able to be handled as normal. 
We only hope that this new module will bring enough long-term benefit to you in that it outweighs the very short-term burden of logging in on another free browser to update one of your users if needed.  
We expect to release the fix in the next few days. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.
Posted @ Thursday, March 03, 2011 6:29 PM by Bob Walton
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