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Posted by Bob Walton on Tue, July 28, 2009 @ 06:47 PM

BigContacts offers seamless integration with VerticalResponse to deliver a suite of award winning marketing tools. (On-demand e-mail marketing, online survey and direct mail solutions)

VerticalResponse now integrates with the free Google Analytics service to help you further understand how your recipients are responding to your email campaigns and how they interact with your website. Google Analytics is a free service, as is VR’s new integration.

Using Google Analytics for Email Marketing

If you're already using Google Analytics to track your website visitors and search campaigns, you know how powerful the information you see can be. Now you can activate Google Analytics for VerticalResponse email campaigns, right from within your account profile, so you can gain insight into where people are going on your site after clicking links in your email message.

Don't have a Google Analytics Account?

Get a FREE Google Analytics Account.  Google Analytics is a free online service that lets you track where your visitors come from and the pages they visit on your site. Learning more about visitors' behavior shows where you can make changes or streamline conversion processes on your website to gain more from your site traffic.

You'll be able to see that your site visitors came from a specific email campaign.  It's never been easier to track ROI right back to the campaigns you send.

Instant Benefits

  • Track email campaigns as another traffic source to your website
  • Determine whcih products or services grab customers' attention
  • Send follow up campaigns to target people with a tempting offer
  • Boost conversion rates by tweaking your purchase process
  • Compare email marketing campaigns with other advertising efforts

Getting Started

It's easy to set it up and get started.  Visit the "profile" section of your VerticalResponse account, and activate your domain in the new Google Analytics Section. 

Download the User Guide and get started!

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