Getting Started with BigContacts

It is our mission to ensure that you get the most out of this very easy-to-use, yet highly capable platform. Included in this getting started process you will find information on key tips and techniques that will help you quickly adopt and integrate this contact management system within your business.

We’re dedicated to ensuring the success of all our Subscribers, and are confident that, with a little time invested on the front-end, our platform will help you better manage and grow your business.

We encourage you to follow the 5 steps below in the order outlined for best results.

Step 1 - Quick Tour  
Watch the Quick Tour Video 
- As a first step in this process, we recommend watching our Quick Tour video.  This video will give you a high level overview of the entire system before jumping in to the details of setting up BigContacts. 

Step 2 - Add Users  
Add Users
- One of the first steps in getting started is to add your team members to the system.  Adding people to your system can greatly increase efficiency.

Step 3 - Customize your System  
Customize your system - We have created a “roadmap” for customizing your system using two important resources (The BigContacts Quick Start Guide & Customization Worksheet). 

Step 4 - Import your Contacts   
Import your Contacts - Another important step for setting up your system is to import your contacts.  We offer a FREE Import Wizard for importing your "Core" contact information such as Name, Phone, Email...almost everything except notes and history. 

If you have notes and history that you need to transfer from another system – we offer custom data imports to assist you in transferring your complete contact history into BigContacts. Please Contact Us for more details on our Custom Data Import services.

Step 5. Setup your Email   
Set Up your Email
- You can capture all incoming emails using our "Email Dropbox" feature.  The system will automatically sort incoming emails and store them in the appropriate contact record.

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